Crysis 2 – Maximum Edition Is Available on Steam with 75% Price Cut

The game is one of the best first-person shooters of the current generation

Developer Crytek and Valve announce that the Maximum Edition package for Crysis 2 is the Steam Weekend Deal, which means that it gets a 75 percent price cut on the digital distribution service. That is to say players can pick the game up for 9.99 dollars or 8.74 Euro.

The slogan of the first-person shooter from Crytek is “Be the Weapon” and the experience takes players to New York City, which is under attack by alien forces and is slowly being turned into a jungle.

Once more, the star of Crysis 2 is the Nanosuit, which has a new version with more options for the various powers, and there are new weapons to use during the fight and more enemies to face.

There are price cuts of 75% available for the original Crysis, Warhead and a collection that includes all three titles.

The offer expires at 10 AM on Monday, December 17.

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