Crusader Kings II Patch 2.0 Full Changelog Now Available, Includes Major New Ideas

The game will also soon get the Sons of Abraham expansion

The team at the Paradox Development Studios is ready to reveal the full patch notes for the coming 2.0 update for Crusader Kings II, which is set to be launched alongside the new Sons of Abraham expansion on November 18.

The major changes are, according to the forum announcement:

- Ironman mode

- Steam Achievements

- Steam Workshop support

- Religious (non-heretic) rebels

- Support for the metaserver dropped

- Women can now die in childbirth, and there can be other complications, like illness and sickly infants

But this is just a part of the changes, as the team working on Crusader Kings II is also altering almost all major mechanics of the game, from the database of characters to the Crusades and to the user interface.

Sons of Abraham is also set to introduce a bigger focus on religion to the grand strategy experience and will give players new ways to interact with characters and guide their families.

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