Crusader Kings II Patch 1.091 Out, Fixes Marriages and Plots

Gamers also get a number of bug fixes and renamed provinces

The development team at Paradox Interactive is updating its grand strategy title Crusader Kings II with patch 1.091, designed to eliminate most of the new issues introduced with The Republic, the DLC that was launched about one week ago.

The entire list of fixes and changes is available on the official forums of the game and the checksum, which certifies that everything is installed correctly, is YZBE.

Marriages are now easier to obtain and it is harder to use some plots repeatedly when you are a merchant republic.

Crusader Kings II will be automatically updated via Steam and those who have another version of the game can also download patch 1.091 via the game launcher.

At the moment, Paradox is working on Europa Universalis IV, which is set to be launched during the fall of this year with a number of major changes.

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