Crusader Kings II Is 75% Off on Steam Until Thursday

The game mixes grand strategy with family plotting

Developer and publisher Paradox Interactive has announced that its grand strategy title Crusader Kings II is now on offer on Steam via the Midweek Madness event with a price cut of 75 percent, which applies to both the base game and to a collection that includes all the pieces of DLC released for it.

The offer is only available until 10 AM Pacific Standard Time on Thursday and gamers can pick Crusader Kings II up for 9.99 dollars or Euro.

Crusader Kings II is the most recent grand strategy release from Paradox and combines family driven events with complex role-playing mechanics with a solid strategy experience.

Players can choose to guide a family that owns titles in Europe and the game offers options ranging from plots to marriage and war to gaining new territory and more political power.

The experience starts in 1066 and continues for more than 300 years.

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