Crusader Kings II Gets Patch 1.09 Alongside Republic DLC

Players get access to bug fixes and new game mechanics

Video game developer and publisher Paradox Interactive is releasing a new patch, labeled 1.09, for its grand strategy title Crusader Kings II.

The full patch notes are offered on the official site and a look at the list reveals that a number of bugs and balance issues are being eliminated while some Artificial Intelligence behaviors are modified for the better.

Patch 1.09 accompanies the launch of the new Republic downloadable content for Crusader Kings II, which opens up more options when it comes to playing non-monarchic political entities and a number of new mechanics for all countries.

Crusader Kings II is unique among Paradox video games because it does not focus on countries or duchies but on families and characters, with players able to use plots, political maneuvering and convenient marriages in order to gain territory and power.

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