Crusader Kings II Gets Pagan-Focused Old Gods Expansion

Gamers will get a new start date and options for Viking families

The development team at Paradox Interactive working on Crusader Kings II says that the next expansion for the grand strategy title is called Old Gods and will focus on the pagan families and civilizations.

The big news for players is that the start date with the expansion is moved back to 867, allowing gamers to take on the role of mighty Viking leaders who create a path of destruction through Europe.

Doomdark, a member of the development team, says on the official CK II forums that, “Just to stop any rumors, you will not be able to play as a landless character. They will be AI controlled while on their adventure.”

He adds, “Also, while the new start date is 867 and you can play all the way to 1453, you cannot start at dates between 867 and 1066 without modding.”

More information will be offered in a series of coming developer diaries and Old Gods does not yet have a launch date.

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