Crimson Dragon Demo Leaked on Xbox Live, New Gameplay Video Available

Admire the Panzer Dragoon spiritual successor in action

A demo for the upcoming Crimson Dragon, the Panzer Dragoon spiritual successor, has been leaked online and one player managed to record a special video with gameplay from the on-rails Kinect-powered shooter.

Panzer Dragoon games impressed lots of people many years ago and a special spiritual successor was set to appear last year, in the form of Crimson Dragon.

Now, after being delayed indefinitely, the game's demo was apparently leaked for a few hours on the Japanese Xbox Live Marketplace.

While Microsoft quickly took it down, some Xbox 360 owners managed to download and even play it.

YouTube user draikin1 even managed to record a special gameplay video with the on-rails shooter that's controlled through the Kinect sensor on the Xbox 360.

Check out the video above and expect to hear more about Crimson Dragon soon enough.

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