Crimson DLC Now Available for Halo 4 Limited Edition and Season Pass Owners

Players can finally get their free add-on for the shooter

The Crimson Map Pack can now be downloaded by Halo 4 players who either got the game's Limited Edition or bought the War Games Season Pass, as the DLC was unavailable for them ever since its release yesterday.

Halo 4 received quite a bit of downloadable content in the form of new episodes for the Spartan Ops cooperative mode.

Now, the first full-fledged add-on for the game has just arrived on Xbox Live, in the form of the Crimson Map Pack, which brings three new multiplayer levels as well as one new game mode.

The DLC's release wasn't without issues, as those who were supposed to get it for free, meaning fans who bought the Limited Edition or the Season Pass, weren't able to download the add-on.

Microsoft has now confirmed via the Halo Waypoint Twitter that things should now be resolved and, if the add-on still isn't showing up, Halo 4 owners should try to restart their consoles and access the Xbox Live Marketplace from within the game.

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