Creative Assembly Unveils Massive Shogun 2: Total War Patch

It will mainly work on the AI and will add some new multiplayer maps

Video game developer The Creative Assembly has announced that the launch of the Fall of the Samurai expansion for Shogun 2 will be accompanied by the release of a new big patch for the core game, which is designed to fix all the problems that were reported by the player community since the last big update was introduced last year.

The patch will be launched on March 23 and gamers will automatically get it via Steam, which is integrated into Shogun 2.

The full list of fixes is available on the official forum for the strategy game and a quick look at the list reveals that most of them are linked to the Artificial Intelligence of the computer opponents.

Shogun 2 featured much smarter AI than previous titles in the series, but the community has constantly requested improvements, mostly because it is hard to mod the behavior of the computer.

The patch also introduces some new maps.

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