Counter-Strike: Source Receives Update, Big Picture Mode Added

Gamers also get a number of other improvements to stability and performance

The development team at Valve is launching a new update for Counter-Strike: Source, which fixes a number of issues with the game, adds new variables for servers and introduces Big Picture mode support.

The new update will automatically be applied once a player starts the Steam digital distribution service.

The most important changes made to Counter-Strike: Source include positional audio support for Mumble clients, improved support for HTML in-game libraries and general performance and stability improvements.

The full list of changes is available in the official announcement, including all the new variables that can be used for game servers.

Counter-Strike: Source is a multiplayer team-based shooter that relies on its dedicated community for long-term success and that means Valve has every incentive to react to their requests quickly and deliver updates for the game.

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