Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Silencer Will Return Once Balance Is Fixed

The Valve team wants the game to be eSports fixture

Competitive eSport players report that Valve will bring back the silencer in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive after it manages to make sure that the entire game experience is balanced for its use.

Cadred quotes players on the floor of the E-Sports World Cup 2012 as saying that, “The guys we spoke to kept telling us that they felt CT was really overpowered right now on most maps, which wasn’t what we felt at all.”

“They said that was the main reason for dropping the silencer because it gave the CTs yet another advantage and they felt it was one too many,” it adds.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer-focused competitive game and Valve has already proven with Team Fortress 2 that it will do anything it can in order to make the experience balanced for as many players as possible.

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