Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Receives Gameplay Changes via New Patch

The game will better distinguish between smoke and Molotov cocktails

Video game developer Steam introduces a number of changes to its multiplayer-based first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive via a new Steam-based patch.

Some of them will directly affect the gameplay: smoke grenades now offer more visibility at the edges of the particle effect cloud, the game is better at separating the effects of smoke, Molotov cocktails and other particle effects.

At the end of the rounds surviving players on the Terorrist side get no loser bonus if time runs out while those who are already dead get a normal payout.

The new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive patch also changes some visual effects, eliminating the effects from the scoreboard, making it narrower and removing animations from match start and round end information panels.

The game will automatically be updated with the new patch when Steam is restarted.

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