Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gets Update, Price Cut, Steam Workshop Support

Gamers will be able to get new maps from the community

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the focus of the weekend for the development team at Valve, with a three-day promotion allowing players to get the game for a lower price, a new update fixing some game issues and support for the Steam Workshop set to add new content created by the community.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is just 5.49 Euro via the Steam digital distribution service from Valve.

The statement from Valve reads: “With the Map Workshop you can find new maps, vote for favorites and subscribe to any map or game mode that you'd like. Steam will automatically download the map, and update it whenever the author makes a change. Workshop maps can used in quickmatches, private matches through Play With Friends, or even offline with bots.”

The full list of changes for the most recent patch can be found in the official announcement from Valve.

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