Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Dreamhack 2013 Cases Bring Gun Stickers

Custom guns with special stickers will be offered for free

Dreamhack Winter 2013 is rapidly approaching, and Valve has decided to mark the huge e-sports competition with special cases that will drop for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players if they're watching the streamed matches, which contain custom weapons decorated with special stickers.

Dreamhack Winter 2013 takes place between November 28 and December 1 and is set to host competitions for all sorts of great games, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

In order to mark the big event, Valve said some time ago that special Dreamhack Winter 2013 cases would be given away to game owners who watch the streamed matches on the Twitch service.

Now, the studio confirmed on the official blog that these souvenir packages would contain special weapons marked by one of several exclusive event stickers.

These stickers promote only Dreamhack 2013 and won't actually feature the names or logos of the teams competing in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches.

Other details will be shared soon as we get closer to Dreamhack Winter 2013.

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