Connecticut School Shooting Blamed Wrongly on Mass Effect

People assaulted the Mass Effect Facebook page after it was linked to the Newtown crime

One of the most dramatic killing sprees in the U.S. took place yesterday at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut and, like most crimes, some people quickly decided to blame video games for the terrible tragedy, in this case the Mass Effect series.

Earlier in the day after news of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting hit, it seemed like Ryan Lanza was the gunman behind it. Angry people quickly found his Facebook page, according to the Examiner, and saw that he had "liked" the page of a video game series, in the form of Mass Effect.

Seeing as how the games involve a fair amount of shooting, many quickly bombarded the Mass Effect Facebook page with terrible messages, blaming the video game series for what had happened.

Loyal Mass Effect fans quickly retorted, saying that the blame of Lanza's actions shouldn't be shifted from him to the video games.

Things quickly stopped, however, when it was found that Adam Lanza, the brother of Ryan Lanza, was the actual man behind the tragedy.

Even so, this once again signals that if there's any correlation between a crime and a video game, people will always blame games.

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