Connecticut Detectives Investigate Video Game Influence on Sandy Hook Shooting

A massive stash of games is said to have been found

Detectives working on the Sandy Hook incident are still investigating whether violent video games had an influence on the shooter.

The Hartford Courant quotes Richart Novia, a private investigator, as saying that, “the guns and the violent video games played may well have been an unhealthful combination for the troubled boy.”

The police has apparently found a massive cache of violent video games, although none of them was actually named, and discovered that the shooter destroyed his hard drive to cover up evidence.

Immediately after the Sandy Hook event, sources mentioned the Call of Duty first-person shooter and Dynasty Warriors as the series involved.

Since then, President Obama has announced a number of executive orders set to deal with video game violence, which involve funding the Center for Disease Control to research the link between violent media and real-world action.

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