Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations Delivers Operational Scale Warfare

The game will feature accurately simulated hardware

The developers at Matrix Games and WarfareSims are working together on a new project called Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations, designed to deliver a strategy game and warfare simulation to players in the near future.

The name might be a little uninspired, but the concept behind the game is very attractive, with a focus on post-World War II and near future weapon systems and tactics.

The developers are aiming to deliver both realistic simulations of aircraft, surface ships and submarines alongside a number of both historical and What If scenarios.

Dimitris Dranidis, the general director and Software Architect at WarfareSims, states, “This is a huge step forward for the air/naval wargaming community. Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations is going to dominate the genre and we are proud to cooperate with a dependable publisher like Matrix/Slitherine on this endeavor.”

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