Command & Conquer Gets First Sneak Peak with Insight from Fans

See what fans think about the free-to-play strategy game and admire a bit of gameplay

Command & Conquer, the upcoming free-to-play experience based on the long-running real-time strategy series, has just received a brand new video, this time one filled with insight from various fans who got to try out the online title earlier this year.

Electronic Arts and BioWare announced last year that they're going to release a special Command & Conquer: Generals 2 which was set to return to the roots of the series and bring back classic mechanics like base-building.

Earlier this year, however, the two companies announced that the whole project was now simply called Command & Conquer and will actually be a free-to-play online experience.

While BioWare said that a single-player mode could be released, fans weren't that confident in the new title.

In order to show to the community just how the game is shaping up, the developer brought a group of veterans to the studio's headquarters to try it out.

Their reactions, as well as fragments of actual gameplay footage can be admired in the video above.

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