Command & Conquer Developer Diary Shows the Unit Creation Process

The Global Liberation Army is getting access to a nuke truck

The development team at Victory Games delivers a new video diary for its upcoming Command & Conquer, which shows how one of the most interesting units in the game is created.

The studio is now willing to share exclusive information from the producers and designers working on the title. New gameplay footage is available, showing how the nuke-powered truck for the Global Liberation Army takes shape and goes from concept to virtual incarnation.

Command & Conquer is set to launch in the fall of this year and will use a free-to-play model, allowing gamers to choose a General and battle with other players.

Victory Games and Electronic Arts plan to add more content to the game, based on other titles from the franchise, after it is released.

I got the chance to play a match of Command & Conquer at E3 2013 and I quite liked the experience.

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