Comedy Shows Might Not Return for GTA V

The team is only adding content that makes sense for Los Santos

Despite the success of the comedy shows included in GTA IV, the next game in the franchise might not offer anything similar if the development team at Rockstar feels that they would not bring anything new to the game.

Dan Houser, the leader of the team working on Grand Theft Auto V and a co-founder of Rockstar, tells IGN that, “Not quite sure if we are going to be doing the comedy stuff or not. We're planning something like that, though, hopefully. We're not quite... Again, with that, we only use celebrities if there's a reason to have those celebrities.”

In GTA IV, players were able to sit through full comedy shows from Rickey Gervais and from Katt Williams.

The new game will be launched on home console and potentially the PC before the end of spring 2013.

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