Columbia and Rapture Offer Different Versions of the Truth

The two cities are dominated by different types of zealots

Despite the fact that the virtual cities of Rapture and Columbia are polar opposites, the team creating the characters at the heart of both BioShock stories has worked using a number of similar themes.

Speaking to CVG, Ken Levine says, “They believe there are religious truths beyond what they've read in the Bible - in their society, Comstock is a prophet and things are being revealed to him all the time. So there's a similarity there that the truth is revealed to a figurehead in the same way that Ryan talks about having his epiphany back in Rapture. Both of them are recipients of some version of the truth.”

The developer has also hinted at moments in BioShock Infinite when twists similar to those in the original game in the series will happen.

The new BioShock title will be launched in late March on the PC and home consoles.

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