Cloud Streaming System Demoed Internally by Microsoft by Playing Halo 4 on PC, Phone

The company is preparing a system to rival the PS4's Gaikai

Microsoft has apparently demonstrated internally a new cloud streaming and gaming system by playing Halo 4, the recent Xbox 360 exclusive shooter, on a PC and a Nokia Lumia smartphone.

Besides letting Xbox One games access the so-called "power of the cloud" by offloading certain tasks like multiplayer or AI computations, Microsoft is apparently also building a rival for Gaikai, the cloud streaming service exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

The new technology was showcased during an internal Microsoft meeting, according to The Verge, by playing Halo 4 on a Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 520 and a low-powered PC.

The latency was extremely low, according to the website, but it's still in the prototype phase so fans shouldn't expect it to be made public anytime soon.

Sony is drawing in gamers to its PlayStation 4 and other devices, like PS Vita TV, by confirming that the Gaikai service can stream PS3 games to those platforms when it launches next year.

As such, building a rival system makes sense for Microsoft.

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