Classic Dune 2 RTS Now a Free-to-Play Browser Game

The iconic real-time strategy game can be played by anyone from a web browser

Dune 2, the classic real-time strategy game made by Westwood Studios back in 1992, has been transformed into a browser-based experience that can be played for free by anyone.

Real-time strategy games became extremely popular in the 1990s and early 2000s, even if they mostly offered the same type of experience.

Dune 2, one of the first titles made by RTS giant Westwood Studios, is still considered one of the games that defined the genre, allowing players to build bases, units, and go on the offense against enemies.

Now, those who didn't get a chance to play this classic title can do so right from their browser, as the game has been transformed into a free-to-play experience.

While the graphics, soundtrack, and gameplay might seem old, it's a great walk down memory lane to be able to experience Dune 2 once more, so check it out at this link.

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