Civilization V Receives Steam Hotfix

There are fixes for some DirectX crashes and other bugs

Civilization V, the Firaxis-developed turn-based strategy game, has received a new hotfix via the Steam digital distribution service from Valve, which touches on a number of crashes and bugs that the community has recently reported.

All the crashes are linked to the DirectX 9 version of the game, which could instantly drop to desktop on certain actions and a number of bugs, linked to traits, boarding, modding and annexation have also been eliminated.

The full patch notes are available on Steam and the hotfix will be applied when the service is restarted, as long as the player has automatic updates turned on for Civilization V.

The version of the game that has the hotfix might be incompatible with some mods.

Civilization V is linked to the Steam Workshop service, which allows players to quickly discover and then install mods for their game.

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