Civilization V Gets Massive Fall Patch

Firaxis fixes AI and changes units, buildings and the user interface

The development team at Firaxis launches a new massive patch for their turn-based strategy title, called Fall, which is designed to fix a wide variety of problems with the game that the fan base has mentioned, while also offering a ton of balancing changes.

The main aim, as always when it comes to the Civilization series, is on the Artificial Intelligence, which has received an upgrade that makes it more competitive.

There are also changes to units, buildings, the user interface and nearly all other aspects of the game.

Firaxis has already launched a full expansion, called Gods & Kings, for Civilization V, and the team is widely believed to be already working on another content pack.

Civilization V is a complex and deep turn-based strategy title that allows the player to take control of one nation and then lead it to victory over the span of a few thousand years, handling everything from research to production and military matters.

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