Civilization V Designer Reveals At the Gates, New Game Studio

The team wants to innovate the turn-based strategy genre

Jon Shafer, the former lead designer of Civilization V, announces that he has set up a new game development studio, called Conifer Games, with its first project, At the Gates, now seeking funding via Kickstarter.

Jon Shafer’s At the Gates will set the player in the role of a barbarian leader that threatens the declining Roman Empire.

Gamers will have to compete against other nations and against the environment, seeking new resource streams to feed the tribe and creating conflict with neighbors.

Shafer states, “The game starts simple but grows in complexity until you command a mighty economic and military powerhouse.”

At the Gates will use core turn-based strategy mechanics, similar to those seen in Civilization V, with innovation like changing landscapes, improved diplomacy and warfare that relies on supply and morale.

The new game is seeking just 40,000 dollars (29,500 Euro) and the launch date is set for summer 2014.

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