Cities in Motion Is 75% Off, Gets London DLC

Players will need to deal with the problems of one huge city

Publisher Paradox Interactive and Valve announce that they are offering Cities in Motion, the transportation minded management video game, for the low price of 4.99 dollars or Euro, which is a 75 percent price cut.

The sale comes just as the game receives London, a new downloadable content pack that aims to simulate the difficulties of creating a complex transport network in the capital of England.

The official description says: “London; the smoky, foggy city on the river Thames. It’s narrow streets and bridges pose a series of new challenges for public transportation. Citizens travel to the city center for work every day and return home in the evening. This creates a high demand for working lines and many different types of vehicles.”

At the moment the development team that created the game is working on a sequel, called Cities in Motion 2.

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