Chris Taylor Suggests Employees Appreciate Being Let Go by GPG

The company might rehire some for new Wildman project

Chris Taylor, the leader of developer Gas Powered Games, claims that some of the employees that he was forced to let go during the previous week appreciate that they are now out of a job with the company because this eliminated an element of uncertainty from their lives.

The developer tells the Penny Arcade Report that, “They can keep an eye on the Kickstarter campaign at the same time as they are sending out their resumes. And they’ve got money in their pocket.”

Taylor also says that he has not missed one payroll in his 15 years of running a company and took a painful decision in order to keep the integrity of his company intact.

At the moment, the developer is aiming to get money via Kickstarter for a new project called Wildman, which aims to mix real-time strategy and role-playing elements.

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