Chris Taylor Says Kickstarter Is Losing Its Attractiveness

The service no longer delivers results for developers

Chris Taylor, the leader of Gas Powered Games, has criticized the Kickstarter crowd-funding service because it no longer allows smaller teams with limited resources to get the resources they need to create their projects.

The executive spoke about the issue at the Casual Connect Europe event, quoted by VentureBeat, and said, “Kickstarter is starting to wear itself out. It’s a numbers game. Someone has lightning in a bottle. This business is really, really tough. It’s turning into a lottery business, unless you work 12 hours a day, seven days a week, and study gaming for decades.”

Gas Powered Games has decided to cancel its crowd-funding effort for Wildman and look for new ways to get support for the mix between real-time strategy and role-playing game.

Taylor has also criticized the gaming industry for its focus on blockbusters, which ignores innovative new titles.

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