Chivalry and Faster Than Light Win Indie of the Year Awards

Path of Exile is the most expected mod of next year

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is the Player’s Choice Indie of the Year, according to the votes cast in the annual competition organized by IndieDB.

The melee-focused combat game managed to get the most votes from the more than 78,000 gamers who took part and signaled which of the 6,000 indie games that competed they were most interested in.

FTL: Faster Than Light, a space-based roguelike experience from Subset Games, is the Editor’s Choice Best Overall game of 2012 for IndieDB.

When it comes to the future, Path of Exile is the Player’s Choice Best Upcoming award.

Previous winners in the IndieDB vote include Minecraft, the PC and Xbox 360 hit, and Terarria.

For the first time, the organization has also put together an App of the Year competition, which attracted about 4,000 votes.

The winners are:

Player’s Choice App of the Year: Knights of Pen & Paper

Player’s Choice Best Upcoming: Dungelot

Editor’s Choice Best Overall: Knights of Pen & Paper

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