Chivalry Free Update Is Player Happiness Investment, Says Developer

Players will be more interested in future paid DLC for the game

Developer Torn Banner says that it has long-term plans to deliver free content updates for its combat simulator Chivalry: Medieval Warfare but that the team is also working on a number of DLC packs that will be sold for real-world money.

Steve Piggot, the leader of the development team, tells Destructoid that, “Everyone finds something that works for their business – that’s fine. I just think for us it’s more important that people are happy than they are constantly paying for this subscription model.”

The most recent content update for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare includes 13 new maps to play on, five new weapons and no less than three new game modes.

Piggot says that his studio has worked on the free update for about four months and that the investment in the long-term happiness of the fan base will pay off as Chivalry evolves.

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