Chinese Forces March into World of Tanks

Gamers will be able to use the Type 62 or WZ131, the Type 59 and the heavy IS-2U

Update 8.2 for the online video game World of Tanks will introduce a new set of tanks to the title, all of them linked to China, one of the forgotten participants in World War II.

Mike Zhivets, a producer working on World of Tanks, states, “The Chinese not only produced their own tanks, but also evolved their own unique designs through the modification and improvement of some of the best foreign machines on the planet.”

The People's Liberation Army was heavily dependent on the Soviet Union and the United States for their tanks and other hardware and that can be seen in the design of their tank forces.

Their best vehicles had maneuverability similar to American forces, accuracy like that of the British machines and the power associated with the Russian ones.

The added tanks include the light tank Type 62 or WZ131, the medium tank Type 59 and the heavy IS-2U from Russia.

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