Chaos Chronicles Gets Trailer, Offers Hex-Based RPG Battles

The game will allow the character to gather and lead a party

Developer Coreplay and publisher bitComposer are offering gamers their first video look at Chaos Chronicles, a new hex-based game that will aim to bring a classic experience to those who appreciate the RPG genre.

The team says that there are many elements in the video which are still being worked on, but the footage is still a good indication of the kind of experience that Chaos Chronicles will offer.

The game will be turn based and will focus on a party of characters that players will have to control, with just one of them created using an in-depth editor and the rest recruited as the story progresses.

The influences that the developer team cites include Phantasie, Pool of Radiance, Ultima, Wizardry and Bard’s Tale.

It’s unclear when Chaos Chronicles might be launched, but the experience is PC only.

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