Cert Issues for Planetside 2 Are Fixed

The game is in the home stretch before November 20 launch

Sony Online Entertainment says that the cert problems that affected some of those playing the beta phase of Planetside 2 are now fixed and that gamers should report them immediately if they find any new ones.

Cert is the currency of the SOE-made MMO and the developers were keen on fixing the problems that the fan base reported, because a solid monetary system is one of the elements that a free-to-play game like Planetside 2 needs when it launches.

At the moment, the MMO is in beta and the developers are working hard to eliminate any problems that those involved are reporting, according to John Smedley on Twitter.

Planetside 2 will be launched exclusively on the PC on November 20.

After launch, the game will get a full third continent and SOE promises more updates soon after.

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