Cerny: PlayStation 4 Customized Hardware Offers More Options than a PC

Teams will have plenty of time to unlock the console's power

Mark Cerny, the leader of the Sony team that designed the PlayStation 4, says that extensive customization that the company has done on its hardware will give developers more options than a similarly powerful PC.

The developer tells VG247 that, "There are all these customizations, such as what we did to the GPU and other parts of the system to ensure that they would really be these systems that programmers could dig into in year three or four of the console life-cycle."

The raw power of the PlayStation 4 is complemented by stability.

The simple fact that the hardware does not change means that teams can explore its abilities and constantly improve the quality of the titles they are creating.

At the moment the PlayStation 4 is set to launch before the end of the year with a suggested price of 399 dollars or Euro.

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