Castle Crashers and Torchlight 2 Are Steam Weekend Deals, 75% Off

Gamers can get a classic action RPG and a cooperative hack and slash

Valve, the creator of the digital distribution service Steam, announces that Castle Crashers and Torchlight 2 are the titles included in the Weekend deal offer, which means players can download them with a 75 percent price cut.

Castle Crashers can be bought for 5.99 Euro or dollars and gamers who have friends that would like to try out the game can also get a discounted four-game package.

The game offers a fast-paced side-scrolling experience that can be enjoyed cooperatively by up to four players.

Torchlight 2 is also on sale, which means that the action role-playing game sells for 9.49 Euro or the equivalent price in dollars.

The title brings players more options when it comes to character development, varied enemies to battle and a plethora of items to choose from.

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