Capcom Runs Two Online Events for Resident Evil 6 Players

All those interested need to link identities for the game

The development team at Capcom reminds all players who are currently engaged with Resident Evil 6 that they can link their profile from the official website to their specific console identity in order to get access to special events.

Until November 29 gamers can engage in the A 50 Million Dollar Foothold, which asks them to make a speed run through the first chapter in the Jake story.

From November 30 to December 31 they will also be able to play the Mining the Depths Dominator event, which will rely on dominating the Mining the Depths map in the multiplayer Mercenaries mode.

Those who take part will be able to get access to new outfits, new avatars and other bonuses.

Resident Evil 6 is set to get downloadable content in the coming months.

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