Capcom Begins Street Fighter x Tekken Version 2013 Countdown with New Videos

The entire character rooster receives significant changes

Video game publisher and developer Capcom is celebrating the upcoming launch of the Version 2013 patch for Street Fighter x Tekken with a number of new videos designed to show off the changes made to characters like Guy, Juri, Jin, Hwoarang, Lili and Marshall Law.

The official Capcom Unity blog has all the content and fans are well served by checking out all the small changes that the studio has made since Street Fighter x Tekken was launched.

The new game uses characters from both universes, but all the battle mechanics are created by Capcom.

The Version 2013 update is designed to balance the overall experience and make sure that all characters are useful in a fight.

At the moment, Namco Bandai is working on a Tekken x Street Fighter title that should be out this year.

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