Canceled Aliens: Crucible Gets Complex Gameplay Video

The game would have mixed action and role-playing elements

A new gameplay video emerges for the Aliens: Crucible project, showing a number of characters talking and exploring the game world.

The video game was based on the Marines and aliens universe and was under development at Obsidian Entertainment, unfortunately canceled before work could be completed.

Aliens: Crucible is played from a third-person perspective and it seems that gamers would have needed to manage the relationships with the rest of the squad members as well as battling the xenomorphs.

Once the game was canceled, Obsidian worked on the action and role-playing mix, with an espionage theme, Alpha Protocol.

Since then the company has also created Fallout: New Vegas, and the team is currently working on the Project Eternity old-school party-based title.

The leader of Obsidian has indicated that he is interested in creating sequel for Knights of the Old Republic and New Vegas.

Watch the entire thirteen minutes through the link.

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