Call of Duty and Destiny Benefit from Platform Exclusive Content

The games get more marketing from Sony or Microsoft

The leader of Activision Publishing says that delivering exclusive content for video games on certain platforms is a good way for a company to increase its profile and generate more publicity in association with the hardware maker.

Eric Hirshberg tells IGN that, “Us giving them some meaningful exclusive content or time advantages for their platform helps them have something to market to their community as well.”

At the moment, the Call of Duty series, including the latest Black Ops 2, is getting content on the Xbox 360 about one month before arriving on the PlayStation 3 and the PC.

At the same time, Activision has announced that it will offer exclusive content on the PlayStation 4 from Sony for the coming Destiny video game from Bungie.

The new generation of consoles is expected to arrive in November of this year.

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