Call of Duty: Ghosts Profiles and Season Passes Can Be Transferred to PS4 and Xbox One

The team wants to make sure that players keep all their progress

The multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty: Ghosts gives developer Infinity Ward the opportunity to announce that the player profiles and the season passes associated with the game can be transferred to the PlayStation 4 from Sony and the Xbox One from Microsoft.

This means that players can buy the game when it launches, on November 5, and then purchase a next-gen device and make the transfer.

Those who get the game on the 360 will have to transfer to the Xbox One and those who purchase Ghosts on the PS3 will make the move to the PlayStation 4, says VG247.

The multiplayer side of the new Call of Duty will include a number of new modes, like Cranked and Search & Rescue.

Infinity Ward also says that it plans to offer more customization options and more social features to complement the player’s experience.

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