Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Diary – Near Future Isn't That Far Away

Treyarch didn't go full sci-fi and manages to deliver a realistic vision of life in 2025

When many people heard that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was going to take place in the future, albeit in the near one, many thought that they were going to see all sorts of futuristic weapons, like laser rifles, and vehicles, like space ships.

Fortunately, Treyarch didn't decide to go full sci-fi in terms of the story, so its vision for 2025 isn't that outlandish.

You won't see any lasers, jetpacks, or hovercrafts, but you will see quite a lot of plausible guesses in terms of how warfare will look 13 years from now.

First up, let's talk about the core evolutions.

Complete tactical camouflage is now used in combat. With one nifty little cloak, you'll become almost invisible to the naked eye. While this is mainly used by enemies, you can find some extra cloaks by scouring through the single-player levels.

Thankfully, your rifles, although they may still seem like guns found nowadays, have special attachments, like a sonar-like scope, which helps you spot enemies, even cloaked ones.

Grenades are no longer kept in pouches, as Black Ops 2 believes every solder will have special explosives like EMP grenades, that can be deployed by wrist-mounted gadgets. While that seems a bit dangerous, it does look rather cool in action.

Besides improvements in terms of infantry, Black Ops 2's vision for the near future also encompasses vehicles. Quad-rotor drones are extremely common as are special little robots with tank treads that can be extremely deadly if you face them head on. In case you flank them, then you can strike where they're unprotected and quickly eliminate the small yet potent machines.

Another impressive vehicle is the CLAW, a sort of mechanized four-legged walker that's equipped both with a gatling gun and a grenade launcher that can decimate the opposition.

Throw in the unmanned helicopter drones and Black Ops 2's vision of 2025's combat is quite impressive.

What were your favorite futuristic weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2? Share your picks below.

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