CCP Defends EVE Online Ban Policy, No Evidence Will Be Provided

Gamers need to accept the decisions made by the developers

A significant part of the EVE Online player base is asking the development team at CCP to offer clear evidence about infractions before banning players from the MMO and wants the leadership of the company to step in to deal with such issues.

An EVE Online developer writes on the official forums that, “We action against botters and RMTers based on actual empirical evidence provided to us by the EVE servers. We do not ban based on blogs posted on the internet, nor will we discuss individual actions whether to confirm or deny their existence as per long standing policy.”

The current situation was created by a ban issued to a player from one of the corporations in EVE Online that adhered to the game rules.

He was accused of using bots, but no evidence was offered.

CCP says that the overall number of rule breaches in EVE Online is steadily declining.

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