Buy Street Fighter x Tekken for 75% Off via Steam

The game uses Capcom-designed mechanics and characters from two universes

Street Fighter x Tekken, the recent cross over fighting game from Capcom, is being offered by the publisher and Valve on the Steam digital distribution service with a massive 75 percent price cut as part of the Midweek Madness promotion, which means that the offer is available until 4 PM on Thursday Pacific Standard Time.

Street Fighter x Tekken mixes characters taken from the two game universes, but the entire set of mechanics is that from the Capcom series.

The core engine is that of Street Fighter IV, but there are both gameplay and visual refinements.

Some of the included features are: 4-player fighting, a new power-up Gem system for characters, Pandora Mode and Cross Assault.

The PC is not traditionally thought of as the main platform for fighting games, but the Steam version of Street Fighter x Tekken supports controllers and is also getting constant updates.

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