Bungie's Destiny Won't Appear in 2013, Activision Confirms

Activision didn't include Destiny in its 2013 release plan

The new Destiny project from Bungie won't appear in 2013, at least according to publisher Activision who emphasized that it hasn't included the release of the game in its 2013 outlook.

Bungie revealed Destiny to the world a few days ago and has begun to share more and more details yesterday about the unique first-person shooter that's set to be released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

Now, Activision has confirmed in an official statement that the release of Destiny hasn't been included in its 2013 outlook and "there should be no speculation or expectation of a different result."

This means that, while it's possible for the game to appear until the end of the year, it will most likely be released onto the current consoles sometime in 2014.

Until then, you can expect lots of more details and new info to be shared in order to keep fans interested in the Destiny project.

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