Bungie’s Destiny Will Be a Fun, Complex Design

The game will offer a large universe to explore and battle through

The new Destiny shooter from Bungie might have just been officially revealed but the team is already talking about the kind of experience it plans to offer and how it will bring an element of fun back to the genre.

Jason Jones, one of the co-founders of Bungie, tells ShackNews that, “What's hard is keeping it interesting for your advanced players when you do that. We're going to succeed, because we're advanced players. We play our own game all the time. We'd go crazy if it was anything less than fun.”

Bungie is said to have been working on Destiny since the team left the Halo franchise and entered into a long term agreement with Activision.

Gamers will be able to explore an entirely new game universe and discover a new story based around a mysterious spaceship that’s protecting humanity in the far future.

Bungie plans to deliver Destiny on all consoles during the final quarter of 2013.

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