Bungie Debuts Community Theatre with Halo 4 Video

The studio will launch its next project during the spring

Video game developer Bungie has launched a new initiative called Community Theatre with a video entitled Act One, which shows a representative of the studio working to solve a problem related to Halo 4.

Virtual character Deej tackles a problem with Halo 4, which is developed by 343 Industries, and Bungie pledges to replace the game after the player solves the puzzle of who has actually created the title.

The Bungie-made video is humorous because it shows how the company has transitioned out of the long-running franchise.

At the moment, the developer is working on a new project called Destiny, which should be revealed before the end of spring.

It will apparently involve humanity’s last stand against a galactic threat, with players needing to explore space in order to get the resources that the last city on Earth needs.

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