Bryan Reynolds Plans to Start His Own Development Studio

The former Zynga game maker wants to experiment with new ideas

Brian Reynolds, the former chief game designer of Zynga, says that he might set up his own development studio in the coming months in order to test a number of game ideas.

The veteran game creator tells Venturebeat  that he is interested in creating an environment where he can “experiment more than might be appropriate for a publicly traded company, and I might want to do something that would be ‘off strategy’ for Zynga or otherwise too risky.”

Reynolds is also interested in getting back to actually writing codes for his video games, which means that their overall scope might be somewhat smaller.

Brian Reynolds was one of the co-founders of Firaxis Games, with Sid Meier, and worked on the Civilization and the Alpha Centauri turn-based strategy series.

He has also worked at Big Huge Games and was supposed to help Zynga create a number of deeper game experiences.

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