Brian Fargo Owns Torment IP, Sequel Might Drop Planescape Setting

The new game will also use a new set of core mechanics

One of the designers that created Planescape: Torment recently stated that he was interested in creating a sequel that would focus on the core philosophical concepts of the series, without necessarily using the Dungeons & Dragons game system.

Now, RPGCodex is reporting that Brian Fargo, the leader of inXile, obtained the rights to the Torment intellectual property in late November.

This might mean that the development team is set to drop the D&D mechanics and the Forgotten Realms setting and focus on the core ideas of the game, creating a spiritual rather than a direct sequel.

It’s unclear whether the team plans to continue the collaboration with Chris Avellone that started with Wasteland 2.

Pen-and-paper game maker Wizards of the Coast has long refused to allow any additional material to be created using the Planescape adventure setting.

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