Bounties Constitute Social Experiment in EVE Online: Retribution

Gamers use the new tool to deal with meta-game problems

Kristoffer Touborg, a lead game designer on EVE Online: Retribution, believes that the space-based MMO needs new mechanics like bounty hunting in order to create new situations for players and new stories to share with the rest of the community.

He tells VG247 that, “There are also unexpected consequences. I’ve been monitoring the bounty system really heavily, just because I’m interesting in it, I want to see where it’s going and what people are doing with it. It’s kind of like a really awesome social experiment.”

Touborg says that one player basically placed small bounties on all those who asked questions in the help channel, which is an interesting way of mixing the actual game and the community that supports it.

Retribution is designed to shake up the EVE Online game world and CCP has long-term plans for more expansions and more content.

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